Meet SHRM Member Kat Bender

As a force for change within the world of HR, Kateryna 'Kat' Bender champions SHRM, its resources and its network as her premier career partner: One that's been with her since the day she immigrated to the U.S.

Watch Kat's SHRM Story--then let's begin your own.

Why Do 300,000+ HR Professionals Depend on SHRM?

Because SHRM is at the forefront of everything within the world of work. Whether it's workplace policy, legislative changes, or the day-to-day ins and outs of HR, SHRM breaks it down and provides the resources and network to help you impact powerful, long-lasting change within the workplace.

Discover emerging news of trending HR issues.

Rely on SHRM to stay compliant with federal, state and local guidelines.

Save time with tailor-made templates for job descriptions, policies and forms.

Get answers to your questions from our HR experts.

I am SHRM member Kat Bender, and it is my privilege to share my SHRM story with you.

“SHRM understands HR’s work never stops and is always there when you need it.”

“When working with new HR professionals, it is my mission to help them understand that SHRM is an integral part of their professional journey.” 

- Kateryna Bender, SHRM member since 2012

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“I can’t count the times SHRM has helped me get from point A to point B in my career.”

- Kateryna Bender, SHRM member since 2012

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