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Become the strategic HR leader you've always wanted to be... and the one your workforce needs most.

HR professionals are responsible for many crucial functions like recruiting, enforcing workplace policies, advocating for their employees, managing HRIS, outlining total rewards packages, overseeing performance management, and collecting and analyzing HR data, among others, to ensure their companies are running as effectively as possible.

But how often do these same key stakeholders take the time to do their own professional development? 

Elevate your leadership skills and develop methods to earn a seat at the table in making key, strategic decisions for your workplace and your workforce.


It's time to take charge of your own professional development as you explore and master topics such as:

Align Business Functions to Goals

Setting Strategic Priorities

Change Adoption

Analyze & Interpret Data

Strategic HR & Leadership

Data-Driven Decision Making

Organizational Design & Effectiveness

Getting Senior Leadership Buy-In

Connect HR Metrics to People Mgmt.

Workforce Planning & Implementation

Creating Resilience & Sustainability

HR Department of One

Communicating & Measuring Change

People Analytics

HR 101

A New Direction:

"We must proactively shape and position the role of HR as a strategic partner which creates value for the business by focusing on its core asset, i.e. people. We need to bring Human capital and social capital discussions to the forefront and unlock its potential for an organization's competitive advantage. HR professionals must understand their business, have an agile approach, and continuously up/reskill themselves to stay ahead of the curve."

– Prabhjot Kaur, Human Resource Director at Ericsson

Ready to take the next step in your professional development?


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Unlock the Skills You Need to Drive Real Change at Work

At SHRM we believe change is a good thing, and it’s sparked by your best ideas. 

Our educational programs are designed and delivered by HR experts to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to drive lasting change in the workplace. We offer a powerful partnership to develop your skills, accelerate your career, and change your workplace culture as a champion for colleagues and yourself.

We provide a transformative educational experience. We’ll lead you to learn. You’ll lead your company to succeed.

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