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Talent Development Solution

You need the best talent to assure your organization delivers on its mission.

A proven method for developing that talent is through apprenticeships. Beginning in 2021, through a three-year Department of Labor grant, SHRM Foundation’s Human Resource Registered Apprenticeship Program (HR RAP) will help you:

Prepare Employees for Challenges of the 21st Century Workplace

Create Opportunities for a Diverse Workforce

Provide Talent to Create Returns to Your Business Operations

Human Resource Registered Apprenticeship Program Is a Proven Talent Development Model

Powered by SHRM’s globally recognized competency-based certification program, the HR RAP will develop apprentices for the HR Specialist role through a “learn and earn" experience. Apprentices will be prepared to earn the SHRM-Certified Professional credential, giving them the skills they need to deliver results to your organization and an opportunity to progress in an established career path. The benefits to employers include: 





What Employers Need to Know About Apprenticeships

Know the facts and learn how an HR RAP can add value to your organization.

With the HR RAP, you offer an apprentice: 

A Paid Job


On-the-Job Learning

Classroom Learning

The SHRM-CP Credential

Apprenticeships are a career path to many white-collar professions NOT just unions and the trades.

  • Apprenticeship works for any program that is skill-based and can be supported by experiential learning.
  • Apprenticeships are growing in non-trade industries such as IT, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, insurance and hospitality.

The resources spent are an investment in an employee which will result in higher productivity and lower recruitment costs, NOT just an expense.

  • Employers can reduce costs by partnering with other employers and the public works system.
  • Educational institutions and community organizations can offset education and training costs.

There is no minimum size for employers. This is NOT just a program for large employers.

  • Apprenticeship is ideal for any position that benefits from on-the-job learning and where there is a committed mentor.
  • Useful for positions where employers are faced with high turnover.

The SHRM Foundation will be your partner and provide resources needed to establish a registered apprenticeship program including:

Providing a SHRM-designed, Department of Labor registered program to give an apprentice the skills and competencies required to be an HR Specialist

Guidance on how to tailor the course work and on-the-job learning to meet your needs

Recommended educational institutions to provide the classroom learning

Resources for assuring apprenticeship success

Assistance in completing all required paperwork

SHRM Foundation, a nonprofit affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management, is committed to empowering HR professionals through programming designed to inspire the next generation of leaders—supporting SHRM’s mission to elevate HR and create a better workplace and better world.

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HR RAP Will Launch in 2021

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