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Open enrollment isn’t just a legal requirement you need to fulfill as an employer. Your benefit offerings play a key role in how valued your employees feel. It’s also a deciding factor for many job seekers when considering working for your business. With rising turnover rates and increased competition in today’s hiring market, it’s imperative to review your benefits each year and adjust, if needed. SHRM can help. Access expert resources and educational materials that will help you properly plan for a successful open enrollment period. 

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Plan ahead and take on open enrollment with ease.

How confident are you in your knowledge of employee benefits? Understanding mandated and voluntary benefits helps keep your company compliant and is essential for attracting and retaining top talent. 

Learn how to communicate with and help employees to choose workplace benefits with access to expert articles and tips that will help streamline your 2022 open enrollment process.

Employers should have a well-thought-out benefits plan design that meets both employee needs and employer objectives. Learn how to design or redesign your employee benefits program in 5 steps.

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Better understand and improve your employee benefit offerings by viewing the webcasts below.

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How does your benefits package stack up against other employers?

The 2020 edition of the SHRM Employee Benefits Survey, one of the longest annual studies on employee benefits, offers another glimpse into the prevalence of employer-offered benefits. Using data collected from thousands of HR professionals across the U.S., results from this survey are carefully analyzed to identify short- and long-term changes in benefits organizations offer to employees.


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